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Product development

assemblies development at cirp

Whether it’s a detailed solution or complex assemblies - cirp will support you through the entire product creation process:

„From the idea to the finished product!“

Even before the finished data is available (for example for the creation of a prototype or drawing) our design department can help you to advance your project by providing support with design, creating geometric data and producing production-compliant designs in the fields of both conventional and additive production. In the process, we apply our entire process-related expertise in the field of plastic processing to the design of the piece. Design challenges can be resolved by our experienced designers or you can work hand in hand with them on developing a design. Our company relies on the CATIA, SolidWorks and Cimatron development and design tools.

Our many years of experience with both additive manufacturing methods and injection moulding guarantees you the best possible design of your moulded products in order to be able to make use of all of the benefits and geometric freedoms, and avoid time-consuming and costly finishing work.

Our production know-how enables us to advise you on the selection of suitable materials and production methods, and to ensure that our series production-standard design is ideally suited to the method in question. cirp is a proponent of applying a systematic and methodical approach with the aim of making it easier to plan and verify the development of your products.

From the concept through to realisation and customer support, our project managers have all of the processes within a project under control and always work with communication and transparency according to your catalogue of requirements and the underlying specifications.

As a central link within a project, the project management function controls all of the necessary measures, secures the individual phases of the development process at the organizational level, and gives equal consideration to costs, quality and the time frame - always as a reliable and competent point of contact. It makes no difference whether you engage us to develop individual components or extensive assemblies.

Our goal is to always work with you and apply our own expertise to deliver a result that convinces you in every respect.