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cirp's services

Custom-made solutions

cirp is an internationally renowned service provider for the production of prototypes and small-run series. Our activities centre around the key areas of additive manufacturing, model making and mould construction as well as rapid tooling. In addition to the direct use of additive technologies, our services include toolmaking for initial prototype samples and injection-moulded pieces. cirp's services are aimed at sectors such as the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and medical technology, but also household goods, electric appliances and toys.

Rapid prototyping

Our rapid prototyping service, which uses the generative processes of selective laser sintering (SLS), stereolithography (SLA), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and PolyJet 3D printing rapidly delivers high-quality models and prototypes directly from the CAD data. Your products are delivered in just a few working days.

Functional models
We produce objects and prototypes that can be assessed not only in terms of their geometric form but also their functionality, and display similar mechanical properties to the series-manufactured product.

Display models, design models
Our team here at cirp gives you the opportunity to touch, test and experience your ideas. Our generative processes allow us to meet the highest standards in terms of design. In a short space of time, we can produce high-quality display and design models directly from the CAD data.

Architectural models, miniature models
Whether it's the visualisation of a building, landscape elements, vehicles or other objects, we produce a real, three-dimensional miniature model directly from the CAD data within a short space of time.

Model making and mould construction

Our trained model makers use their expertise and the moulding processes of vacuum moulding, nylon casting and metal casting to translate your ideas into testable models and prototypes. We define the level of detail in consultation with you.

Rapid tooling

Our rapid tooling services using the CNC processing centres and the latest injection moulding machines rapidly deliver test-standard pieces, and often bridge the gap before the large-scale series tool. We will produce milled aluminium inserts for initial prototype samples and injection moulding tools at our processing centre. The injection moulding process can be used to prepare prototypes, pre-production series and small-run series using original materials. The delivery times and costs are much lower than for conventional series production tools.

Rapid manufacturing

Our rapid manufacturing facilities deliver cost-effective small-run series directly from the CAD files. We can produce intricate as well as large components in all materials commonly used for series production within a short space of time.

Surface finishing/assembly
The services we offer include the infiltration, varnishing, polishing and coating of your components. If necessary, the cirp team will also help you put together your component assemblies. This also includes the assembly of individual electronic components and purchased parts.


Whether it's a detailed solution or the complete realization of your product - cirp supports you through the entire product creation process "from the idea to the finished product!".

We can help you prepare 3D CAD data, and optimise your components for production purposes, using CAD/CAM systems such as CATIA V5 and Cimatron.