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Sustainable production


We attach particular importance to environmental awareness and sustainability in our daily business. Conserving natural resources, making efficient use of energy and the environmentally friendly use of raw materials and products are among our primary goals. That is why, in our different business units, we endeavour to reduce our use of raw materials, make effective use of the waste heat generated by our machines, and return materials to the cycle whenever possible. One example is the reuse of powder used for laser sintering as part of the "Puryfill 5000" programme. The specially developed mixing and filling system also allows a constant powder quality to be selected, and enables the work environment to be kept tidy and clean.

Then there are internal standards, for example governing waste management, the handling of hazardous materials, or soil and groundwater contamination. As a matter of principle we refrain from using materials that are particularly dangerous or hazardous to health.

We apply the same high standards that we set for ourselves to our suppliers.