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From the idea to the finished product!

cirp - From the idea to the finished product!
Your partner for plastic parts

cirp GmbH supports its customers from the initial prototype design through to the start of series production. We work in the fields of development and design to create your CAD models, using the latest CAD/CAM systems and 3D scanning technologies. With our pool of state-of-the-art machines we also offer a variety of different generative and machining procedures in the fields of additive manufacturing, model making and mould construction as well as rapid tooling for creating your plastic pieces and tools that can be applied to your models and prototypes as required:

3D digitisation

3D digitisation is the process of recording the data of physical objects, and is an established design tool. Optical 3D digitisation using the ATOS Core system offered by the company GOM allows us to make digital models of small or large objects, regardless of whether their geometry is simple or complex.
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Stereolithograpy, SLA

In the additive manufacturing process of stereolithography, a liquid resin is hardened in layers using a laser beam. Parts produced using SLA are particularly suitable for complex components.
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Selective laser sintering, SLS

The additive manufacturing process of laser sintering starts with a powder, which is subjected to localised melting by means of a laser beam. This can be used to produce unit volumes ranging from one all the way up to a small-run series. Parts produced using SLS are particularly suitable for comprehensive functional testing.
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Another additive manufacturing method is PolyJet 3D printing. This now involves photopolymer resins consisting of up to six different basic materials, which are applied in layers by printing heads and hardened immediately using UV light. This allows any combination of rigid, flexible, transparent or translucent materials to be used in a single printing process. Photo-realistic models can also be produced using more than 360,000 different colours. The plastic pieces produced in this way are particularly suitable for high-precision models and prototypes.
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Fused Deposition Modeling, FDM

Our extensive FDM machinery allows us to produce items with edges up to one metre long. In addition to many standard plastics (ABS, PP), this additive manufacturing process is also suitable for materials with special properties such as conductive PLA, PETG or flame-retardant ABS.
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Vacuum moulding, polyurethane casting

In the vacuum moulding/polyurethane casting section of our model making and mould construction division, casting resins are processed according to the material properties required for series production.
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Metal casting

All common aluminium and zinc die casting alloys as well as various non-ferrous metals are used in metal casting. The vacuum differential die casting process is particularly suitable for functional prototypes.
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Mechanical processing

As part of our rapid tooling services, we will produce milled aluminium inserts for initial prototype samples and injection moulding tools using our CNC processing centres.
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Injection moulding

The injection moulding process can be used to prepare prototypes, pre-production series and small-run series using original materials. We can produce intricate as well as large components in all materials commonly used for series production within a short space of time.
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