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Injection moulding

Injection moulding
Injection moulding

As a general rule we work with standardized aluminium tool inserts of which a model is made in our own company by one of our KraussMaffei injection moulding units. This results in quick completion of orders and the fastest possible processing time.

Filigree and large components in all common serial materials (thermoplastics) are producible within a very short time. Moreover, 2K components with subsequent installation, as well as surface structures according to DIN VDI 3400 are possible. 20 - 1 000 units are the typical batch sizes of unloading. 1 000 - 10 000 units are the typical batch sizes of master forms.

Our facilities
  KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH - KM 80390 C1
  Clamping force of 80 t, injection weight of 160g, maximum component size of 400x200 mm
  KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH - KM 160-750CX
  Clamping force of 160 t, injection weight of 300g, maximum component size 500x300 mm
  KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH - KM 160-1000CX
  Clamping force of 160 t, injection weight of 530g, maximum component size 500x300 mm
  Sumitomo-Demag - Demag IntElect 450-3000
  Clamping force of 450 t, injection weight of 1,7kg, maximum component size 700x500 mm
Procedural principle

Material data

  A wide variety of all common thermoplastic series production material from different manufacturers with different
  material properties is available for injection moulding.

  Due to the fact that there is such a great variety of material we can offer you a detailed consultation.