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SIRIM_Seminar Produktiviti & Pembanguanan Malaysia

Innovations have always played a very important role at cirp, whether with respect to materials, additive methods or process chains. This is because we have been passionately involved in additive production almost since the beginning. Its importance in the fields of industry and politics, as well as for consumers, has provided a sharp boost to the variety and dynamism of this production family, particularly in recent years.

Digitisation, and the commercial “Internet of Things” referred to as “Industry 4.0” in particular, is becoming much more important for the production of prototypes and small-run series. Rather than simply keeping up with these developments, cirp is playing an active role in shaping them. We are achieving this in close partnership with our customers, suppliers and an extensive network of institutions and international research facilities that has been built up over the years. Joint projects are an important element of these research activities. As part of these projects, institutions work with SMEs or also selected large corporations to drive forward specific fields of innovation in a way that no partner could achieve alone. This research into selected, promising projects and compounds is subsidised by the government.

cirp is more involved than most in regional initiatives and invitations to tender from government ministries and the EU because we firmly believe that innovations are the only thing that can guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. The dynamic changes in our industry are also changing the demands placed on our employees and their qualifications at a corresponding pace. Thanks to their active commitment to innovation, their knowledge and skills are constantly developing.

If there are some desires we are not yet able to satisfy, ask us anyway. It is possible that we are already working on the solution or that we will be able to achieve our goal by working with selected network partners.

cirp is Key Innovator in the European area!
Horizon cirp is Key Innovator in the European area!
Within the scope of the European funding program Horizon2020, cirp GmbH has been identified as a Key Innovator for its achievements in research and development. The European Commission identified the breakthroughs of the research project DIMAP to be particularly innovative. cirp GmbH is already featured on the Innovation Radar platform of the European Commission.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme for research and innovation under grant agreement no 685937

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