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Promote youth

cirp supports young people at technology events

This year, cirp GmbH is once again helping teams of schoolchildren and students to turn their innovative ideas into a reality. The young researchers first present their projects at regional and state competitions held in Germany’s various federal states. The winners then attend the international final. The company regularly promotes up-and-coming talent with the aim of inspiring a passion in young people for mathematics, IT, science and technology. Youth competitions in particular offer young people the opportunity to turn their ideas into a reality and test their skills. Every year it is a great pleasure for cirp to support young people and accompany them as they progress towards their future careers.

We wish all of the teams a successful season!

Formula 1 in schools
Logo F1 in schoolsMomentum Multi-disciplinary, international technology competition for schoolchildren
Mini-Formula 1 “gas cartridge racer” cars

107 teams from 47 different schools signed up to take part in this season’s championships. cirp is the official partner of Momentum, a team of three schoolchildren with a passion for technology from the Gymnasium Unterrieden high school in Sindelfingen. The schoolchildren develop mini-Formula 1 racing cars, create them within a few months, and then enter them into the race. The company supports the team by producing front wings, guide lugs and spoilers using SLS. The team from Unterrieden most recently won the second place at the German championship in the senior category at the “School Formula 1” competition.

about Team Momentum

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Formula Student
Logo Formula StudentLogo Elefant Racing International design competition for students
Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is an international design competition held at a number of different locations. Students from more than 772 universities around the world take part each year. cirp has been the official partner of Elefant Racing in Bayreuth since 2016. Behind the scenes at Elefant Racing e.V., more than 40 students from a wide range of faculties work tirelessly to design a racing car from scratch, build it and then finally test it within the space of a year. The wheel hub engines developed by Elefant Racing merit a particular mention. cirp supports the team by, among other things, producing sintered covers with aligned cooling connections for water-cooled wheel hub engines, as well as sintered hand guards and rotating wheels for the steering wheel. The wheel hub engines, which were developed internally, each have an output of 35 kW (48PS), and with a gear reduction of 11.5, generate almost 400 Nm of torque per wheel.

Link to PDF: user report [1,49 MB]

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24. RoboCup Junior Logonternational junior talent competition for schoolchildren
Intelligent, autonomous robots

In Germany alone, more than 600 teams comprising roughly 1750 schoolchildren take part in the RoboCup Junior tournaments. cirp is the official partner of Roboter AG from the Gymnasium Renningen high school. The after-school club consists of 30 schoolchildren of all ages, who get together several times a week to build and program autonomous robots. The company supports the RoboCup Junior Maze-Team, by producing arms and boxes using SLS in particular. In the Line category, Roboter AG Renningen claimed all three qualification places. They also qualified for the German championships in Magdeburg.

more information about RoboCup  (robocup.en)

Girls' Day
Logo girls day Girls’ Day - a nationwide career orientation day for girls in year 5 and above
Girls’ Day is the world’s biggest career orientation project for female schoolchildren. More than 1.9 million have taken part in the campaign since it was launched in 2001. cirp is also involved, giving ten girls an insight into the world of 3D printing every year. We look forward to receiving a lot of applications!

Our Girls’ Day itinerary

10.00 am Welcome & getting to know each other over breakfast
10.15 am Investigating 3D printing
10.40 am Workshop I “Sweet & Easy – Food Like from the Printer”
11.00 am Workshop II “Treasure Troves – the Magic of the White Powder”
12.00 pm Workshop III “Time for Some Colour – Which Colour are You?”
12.30 pm Lunch
13.30 pm Girl power in the 3D printing industry
14.15 pm Tour of the company
15.00 pm Workshop IV “Skilfully Engineered - Painting in the Third Dimension”
15.45 pm Concluding event
16.00 pm End

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