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Polyurethane moulding

Polyurethane moulding
Polyurethane moulding

The casting method of polyurethane allows you to have near-series prototypes and small batch series. After the primary model is moulded in silicon it is cast with polyurethane resin (PU).

The cast resin is selected according to the required material properties of the serial material. That way, highly transparent components, a combination of hard and soft material as well as insert parts from other material can be realized.

The output of the parts from the silicone form are dependent on the geometrical complexity and limits the number of possible duplicates. Typical batch sizes are 5-1000 units.

Our facilities
  SLM Solution GmbH - SLM 5/01
  Installation space 300 x 250 x 250 mm
  Casting volume 500 ml
  SLM Solution GmbH - SLM 5/04
  Installation space 800 x 700 x 700 mm
  Casting volume 2.500 ml
  Schüchl e.K. - UHG 500
  Installation space 450 x 500 x 350 mm
  Casting volume 1.000 ml
Procedural principle

The process uses a liquid resin that is then poured into the vacuum chamber

Material data

  Different manufacturers provide a variety of polyurethane resins with the most diverse material properties for the
  vacuum-cast. By mixing in colour, the cast resin can be adjusted to your requirements. Also crystal clear cast
  resins can be manufactured.

  Due to the fact that there is such a great variety of material we can offer you a detailed consultation.

  Cast resins
  Description   Application
  PN 9723   amber   flexible parts, stiffness
  adjustable Shore
  A35 - A90, stainable
  rubberlike prototypes
  PR 700   black   ABS-like properties, heat
  deflection temp. 100°C
  automotive industry
  PR 777   beige   PP/HDPE-like properties,
  good stainable
  casings, covers
  PX 234 HT   beige   PPS/PEEK-like properties,
  heat resistance up to
  high temperature
  resistant prototypes
  PX 245   beige   POM/PA-GF-like
  properties, high flexural
  modulus of 4500 MPa
  functional prototypes

  Under no circumstances can the published information about the material data be considered as express warranty
  or otherwise. The use of this informations, reference or the decision for aptitude of any products for any special case
  of application underlies in all cases the sole responsibility of the users.